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A boat safari is the ideal way to explore the estuary of the superficial water body of Madhu River, which is one of the last remaining tracts of pristine mangrove forests in Sri Lanka. “Madhuganga” was declared as a RAMSR world heritage virgin wetland in 2003 and was acknowledged as the second largest wetland habitat in Sri Lanka.

A boat excursion is a wonderful way to witness the home to over 300 plant species from 95 families and 250 plus vertebrate families. Monkeys jumping from tree to tree, a water monitor gliding slowly through the water, birds singing together with their families and Kingfishers patiently on the banks eyeing the water for prey is a site to behold.

Further it gives a unique opportunity of having a foot massage by fish or touch a baby crocodile under the guidance of a lecturer who is proficient enough with nature terms. A boat excursion in the early morning is an excellent time for filming or capturing breathtaking scenes the Madhuganga and its wildlife has to offer.

There are around 64 islands in this beautiful body of water. The main and the largest on being connected to the mainland by a long narrow bridge. Peeling cinnamon, producing cinnamon oil and fishing are few of the many occupations of the families making a living out of this world heritage. If you take a boat trip in the evening you will see the fisherman in their canoes lighting lanterns to attract the shellfish into their traps.

You can visit an island of a Buddhist monastery, where the friendly young monks will show you hundreds of years old books made of palm leaves and how they cook on cinnamon wood on an open fire.Here you can also feast your eyes on a few Ceylon giant squirrels.

Lotus-Paradise, a nature friendly destination, is the ideal place for you to experience this overwhelming beauty of the Madhu River in a luxurious manner.



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