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One would say that Lotus Paradise is the best place for any traveler, if you want to relax, you can relax in peace with nature. However if you like seeing new places and new things Lotus Paradise is ideal for you, situated in the perfect location, it is surrounded with a lot of wonderful places you can visit.

We can arrange local instructors, local guides and facilitators for all your excursions, and transportation to different locations.

Places you can visit:

Bicycle tour to Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery:

Kosgoda is famous for sea turtle projects and started in 1988. Since then released about 3.5 million baby turtles. The hatchery pays the fishermen for eggs collected at night alone the sandy beach. Main season for collecting eggs is October to May. After collecting, the eggs are buried for approximately about 50 days in the sand and once the Baby turtles come out of the eggs, they are fed for a while and released to the sea at night. Injured, disabled and Albino turtles will not be released since they cannot survive on their own.

Aluthgama Tour - Elephant ride and Kandeviharaya temple with Brief Garden and Lunu Ganga :

Brief Garden is the beautiful landscape garden of Mr. Bewis Bawa, who was the brother of Mr. Geoffrey Bawa. Through clever planting and screening, you will be leading series of tableaux, views , Bowers, statues and artworks as well in the minimalist house. Many of them are Bawa’s own work.

Lunuganga was Geoffrey Bawa’s own estate, where he experimented with his ideas about space, light and scale for more than half a century. It was a rubber plantation peninsula in a lake view. For long years Mr. Bawa reshaped the land and the vegetation to complete his vision. In 2003 after his death, Lunuganga was left to the Lunuganga trust.

Galle Tour – Silk factory / Rumassala / Hikkaduwa / Dutch Fort:

The capital of the southern province is a city with a colourful history. UNESCO declared the magnificent Dutch fort, the most popular attraction of the town site a World Heritage site. 300 year old Dutch atmosphere is still very much alive around the fort and amidst its many historical buildings not invaded by the skyscrapers. The beautiful beach of Unawatuna is just 6km south east of the city center.

In the early 1960's Hikkaduwa started its change from a small fishing village into one of Sri Lanka's international holiday destinations. And it is 21 kilometers away from Lotus paradise. Today backpackers, travelers and package tourists alike favor the beach party atmosphere of Hikkaduwa created by the surfing & diving scene.

Beautiful white sand beaches, colorful coral reefs and an excellent surf are attracting people from all over the world for bit of a shopping or to take a glass bottom boat ride to explore the corals.


Yet another place to be toured regarding Sri Lankan tourism sites is Rumassala. In colonial era it was known as ‘Buona Vista’ (pleasant view). The legendary chronicle ‘Ramayana’ proclaims that ‘Rumassala’ is a chunk of Himalayan Mountains in India. Rumassala hill gives you a beautiful view of the southern coast of Galle.

Colonials used Rumassala as a watering point to fill their crafts with fresh water. Even today we can see the Surplus of the jetty. Now it has become a service center of ships and crafts. The Rumassala forest has a vast collection of bio diversity. It is yet another home to mammals, birds, insects and reptiles.

Ginthota Silk Factory:

Here you can pick up Sri Lankan silk of a better quality and cheaper than the shops in the Galle Fort region. Although in the fort you can also pick up batik, leather goods and even spices.

Tea Factory / Lying Buddha Statue / Moonstone Mines / Mask factory:

The road goes up the hill through cinnamon plantations to arrive at the Karandeniya, Galagoda, Shailatharama, Viharaya, which houses the largest reclining Buddha statue in South Asia. Three hundred feet above sea level, the view from this point is a grand vista of the countryside sprawling below.

Inside the hall of the temple lies a gigantic statue - 115 feet or 35 meters in length(the famous reclining Buddha statue of Gal Vihara fame of Polonnaruwa is 46 feet or 14 metres). This statue seems to be made of cement but is supposed to be about 800 years old, belonging to the Dambadeniya period in history, in the reign of King Parakramabahu II.

Ambalangoda is the closet town which is the center for antiques and masks. At the mask museum can be seen many types of masks. Most masks are made from Kaduru a pliable wood. These masks are used for several purposes like traditional dance, drama and comedies.

Sri lanka is famous for its gems, one of which is the Moon stones. A visit to the Meetiyagoda Moonstone mine you will be able to see this blue transparent stone known as Adularia.

Whale watching:

Sri Lanka is becoming a major spot for whale watching. Main points of Whale watching is Mirissa or off Dondara head. Which is considered as the migration pathway of Whales to Arabian seas. The period in which Blue whales and Sperm whales migrate is considered to be November to April. This exciting excursion will be an unforgettable experience in your life.

Beruwala harbour:

East of the mosque, Beruwala harbour is an interesting place to watch the fishermen unload their catch. The harbour has over 600 boats; many of them are quite sizeable since the fishermen spend up to two months at sea. The fish market is busy each morning. The business begins at the crack of the dawn with sharks, tunas and many more changing hands at a brisk pace. You may well see fresh shark or tuna change hands even before sun is up.



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