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Lotus Paradise – located in the area of well known Madhu River rich with nature witness a bit of wild life, creating itself total peace and silence with its beautiful hideaway open to anyone who search for Yoga retreat. One who may come to experience the Yoga retreat , gets warm , gentle hospitality of the People of south of Sri Lanka who loves to offer.

Our retreat is designed to enliven the senses , soothe the soul and nourish the mind. One who search For professional experience of Yoga, invites to be in our retreat which fresh food that nourishes the Body and spirit.

Lush tropical setting ( Local wild life is an added bonus ) will enhance your natural breathing and crisp air add to the benefit of the practicing and create the perfect surrounding to support your yoga practice.

Practicing in out door of our garden enrich you with unique and unforgettable experience with the breeze mixed with water


Life is often inscribed by one-sidedness, stress, self-alienation and lack of sense of purpose. The reason for these issues are often not so much the environment, the boss, the spouse or the neighbors, but the individual himself: He feels weak, he does not believe in his inner strength and is driven by memories on previous defeats.

Meditation is the perfect way to find inner peace. There are two people in the Lotus Paradise that you are welcome to practice meditation with: the yoga instructor and the Tai Chi Chuan instructor. Both have many years of experience.

We also can arrange a Tai Chi Chuan session on request by our guests.



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